Choice Theory Helps With:

School systems   Training teachers and administrators to implement Dr. Glasser’s renowned quality school ideas.  The focus is on using choice theory to improve the system by changing the approach to educating students.

A Glasser Quality School includes a competence-based classroom and aims at having no low grades, no discipline problems and high achievement on standardized tests.  Measurable quality work and joyful students, staff and parents is apparent throughout the school.

Addiction   Effectively help those suffering from addictions and other health related problems as well as provide aid and comfort to their families through reality therapy interventions.  Education and prevention are the key to lifelong wellness

Criminal Justice Dr. Glasser developed reality therapy in a detention facility for young women called The Ventura School for Girls in California.  The book, Reality Therapy, describes some of the work he did there.  Reality therapy, based on choice theory, has helped people look at new and more effective ways to deal with the various aspects of corrections.   Reality therapy teaches that we need NOT be victims of our past or present unless we choose to be.

Dr. Glasser’s ideas have been used successfully with the criminal justice system, court-ordered programs such as domestic violence groups, adjudicated youth, gang members, parole officers, military police and civilian police officers.

Relationships Whether speaking about marriage, partnerships or dealing with family issues such as parenting skills, Dr. Glasser’s ideas have helped couples, parents, teachers, foster parents and others develop happier, more fulfilling relationships.

The focus of counselling with choice theory is improving relationships and is applicable with even the most difficult or at-risk populations.

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