Words of M. Scott-Peck

Scott-Peck, a psychiatrist, believed that unless we are helping people to grow spiritually (as well as in other areas) we are not helping them to grow at all.

Christ’s commandment is not to like one another; it is to Love one another!

While all forms of thinking should be tolerated, some forms of behaviour should not.

The major obstacle to peacemaking is passivity.

Peacemaking ultimately must begin at a grass-roots level.  It begins with You!

Once we truly know that life is difficult – once we truly understand and accept it – then life is no longer difficult because once it is accepted, it no longer matters.

The time and the quality of the time that their parents devote to them, indicate to children the degree to which they are valued by their parents.

To function successfully in our complex world it is necessary for us to possess the capacity, not only to express our anger but also, not to express it!

The spiritually evolved individual is an extraordinarily loving person and with his or her extraordinary love comes extraordinary joy!

True acceptability of their own and each others’ individuality and separateness is the only foundation upon which a mature marriage can be based and real love can grow.

Love is the free exercise of CHOICE.  Two people love each other only when they are quite capable of living without each other but CHOOSE to live with each other.

Maureen McKenna 2010

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